Fave Fidos Team

Jeanette Byorick has built this application to help you find a dog breed that will bring you joy and laughter for years to come. 

Fadi Micaelian gets #1 thanks because without his Got Decisions tool - this website would never have been born.

I have to thank Joanne - my baby sister - she is the dog guru behind LabSnob and I really do owe her alot of credit for what I know about dogs- Thanks JOJO!

To Candy and Bucky for giving me my grandpuppies and so much free entertainment over the years.  And to all my grandpuppies, Daphne, Casey, Chance, Patrick, Eddie, Tucker and Chloe.

Love to all my canine nieces and nephews - Foster, Taxi, Toby, Toby, Gouda

To Englewood Animal Hospital - Englewood Ohio - Dr MacKenzie (retired) and Dr Trent and Kelsey Prinz and to the staff - you guys rock - thanks for all the support over the years.

To the vets from Omaha, Las Vegas, Ogden and Colorado Springs who were willing to share wisdom and knowledge as well as taking care of the dogs

And in loving memory of Sabrina, Guido, JD, Sam, Midnight, Lady, Snoopy
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