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There are many websites and books that talk about the benefits of different dog breeds.  This website is a smidge different.  The Fave Fidos Decision Tool allows you to select which dog breed criteria is more important to you. 

The criteria are based on the questions that I ask of people who ask me about getting their first dog.  I have had dogs my entire life and have learned some valuable lessons - the hard way in some cases!  Right now I have 3 labs and they are my #1 recommendation for anyone getting a dog.  But I do love all kinds of dogs and understand that I am biased.  My three dogs, Bucky, Candy and Annabelle are so  much easier than any one of my previous crappy dogs!  OK so all dogs are crappy - and hairy and slobbery and sometimes terribly inappropriate and/or smelly Especially in  front of company.  They do however bring unconditional love and they embody eternal optimism and many other traits we strive to emulate.  And believe me nothing is as wonderful as puppy dog kisses - NOTHING! 

I am not a vet, or animal specialist, but I do love the 4 legged critters.  And I have these great friends who built this new technology and that evolved (and is evolving) into the Fave Fidos tool.  Auguri Corporation and GotDecisions.com trade off analysis tools brings you the ability to weigh your options and determine whether you want a pup that willkeep up with you on a long run or hike or snuggle in your lap (or purse) everywhere you go.  My greatest joy is when I have the opportunity to see my babies swimming or running free in the forest or fields. 

Tab over to Fido Finder and you can find out what type of breed is best for you.
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